I'm Natalie

Welcome to 1-800-SUNNY!

How did this brand come to be? 

I ask myself this everyday. Quite honestly, I had zero experience in the "building a clothing business" industry but kept charging ahead and never looked back...

Let me take you back to March 15, 2020. Yep. Need I remind you? 

March 14th, I was a marketing consultant, in the midst of building an agency. March 16th, I was unemployed and out of business. However, I was still very much looking forward to my April, 2020 wedding (you know how that part of the story ends). 

Fast forward slowly to May. With a cancelled wedding and $10 in my bank account, I did the logical thing—quarantine activities! You name it, I did it. 

One of those, of course, was tie dye. I ordered a kit online and dyed it on the 30th floor balcony of my apartment. I posted the end result on Instagram and got an overwhelming amount of people asking "Where did you get that?” "Did you make that?” “Can you make me one?!"

And in this moment I, again, did the logical thing...

I told everyone that I had a business that made tie dye sweats and they could Venmo me to place their order. 

That day, I mentally founded Sunny Side. The name came to me immediately, I had a friend mock-up a logo, I "built a website," and voila.

After a few months, I realized this "quarantine hobby" proved to be a viable business.

I took a few steps back in order to pave a path forward. 

As the sayings go: "everything happens for a reason" and "make lemonade out of lemons"—well, I would like to say that one of these made an impression on me. I decided to take the money that was supposed to go toward my big, fancy wedding, and invest it into my business. A true labor of love, some would say...

I now introduce to you, 1-800-SUNNY. 

I hope you enjoy your experience with this brand as much as I have enjoyed building it for you. Every decision made to date is based on feedback from you. My goal in this business is to bring joy, comfort, and sunshine to your life. 

If there is ever anything I can do to improve your experience, do not hesitate to reach out! 

Love + Sun,